Διεθνείς Συνεργασίες – Collaboration of A.U.Th, Greece with Alabama University, USA

Collaboration of A.U.Th, Greece with Alabama University, USA

In the frame of the A.U.Th- Alabama University collaboration, “Museology-Cultural Management” is planning a long term collaboration, commencing in 2019, with Alabama’s Museum Studies Certificate. Various ways of exchanges have been discussed, among others exchanges of both students and teaching staff. Dr. Bill Bomar, Executive Director of the seven museums of the University of Alabama and Head of its Museum Studies Certificate, along with Tatiana Summers, professor of Classics at the same university, were present at the intensive Design Workshop of our Program based on the refurbishment and rearrangement both of the exhibition space and the museological narrative of the Sarakatsani Museum in the city of Serres, by using the same collections. They said they were impressed by the innovative and at the same time deeply thoughtful ways each students’ group, handling the same collections, expressed and interpreted in space, quite differently from each and every other group, stories on Sarakatsani’s nomadic life.