The Interuniversity Postgraduate Programme (IPP) in Museology-Cultural Management was validated by the Ministry of Education and Religion in 2001 and was the first postgraduate programme founded in the field in Greece.

The following Schools of the AUTh take part in the organisation, management and operation of the IPP: School of Architecture, School of Mechanical Engineering, School of Pre-school Education and the School of Elementary Education of the University of Western Macedonia in Florina.

The IPP in Museology is funded by the YPEPTH [Third Community Support Framework, Operational Programme for Education and Initial Vocational Training (EPEAEK II)], having achieved the highest rating amongst all Postgraduate Programmes submitted for consideration.

The IPP in Museology-Cultural Management runs for three academic semesters and leads to the award of the Postgraduate Degree in Museology-Cultural Management.

The IPP in Museology-Cultural Management is administered by the Special Interdepartmental Committee (E.D.E.) and the Coordinating Committee (S.E.), bodies that consist of teaching staff – representatives of the participating Schools, who have been elected by the General Assemblies of Special Composition of their Schools. In the S.E. there also participate, after invitation, teaching staff of the School of History and Archaeology of the AUTh, who also teach at the IPP. The responsibility of the IPP lies in the School of Architecture of the Faculty of Engineering of the AUTh.

The faculty of the IPP in Museology-Cultural Managemen consists of university lecturers, distinguished architects, experienced museologists and museum officials, as well as department executives of the Greek Ministry of Culture.