The philosophy of the Post-graduate Programme in “Museology-Cultural Management”

The special feature and originality of the philosophy of the Post-graduate Programme in “Museology-Cultural Management” is that it attempts to transform the process of museological education into a simulation of correct museological practice.

Just as a good museum exhibition or museum management  is the result of the creative and composite co-involvement of the conceptual planning and the physical planning or the different museum fields needed, so the post-graduate programme envisages a process of education in all the specialties which contribute to the creation of a museum exhibition or museum management: curators, interpretative planners, academic specialists, managers, funding developers, new media specialists, museum educators, exhibition designers, architects, graphic designers,  etc.

At the same time, the post-graduate programme insists on teaching  the theories which, as a patchwork, go to make up the non-cohesive theoretical foundation of modern museology. This not only promotes mutual understanding among the post-graduate students, who come from a variety of academic fields but also stimulates reflection on an overall understanding of the museum, the field of museology and the cultural management in general.