MEAAmuse is a research workshop. It is part of the Network for Thematic Research of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, (A.U.Th), Greece

It specialises in research on issues of culture, such as:

• the analysis and documentation of material culture

• the operational analysis of the cultural environment

• the museological and architectural planning and design of exhibitions and museums (in theory and practice)

• research into the presentation of archaeological sites, monuments and monument complexes

• research into restoration and presentation of small-scale or large-scale material remnants

• evaluation of functioning cultural institutions

Our staff is active both in basic and in applied research and is already at work on common educational and research programmes, such as:


• -the Interuniversity Postgraduate Programme “Museology”

• -the European Research Programmes

PYTHAGORAS I (the development of a methodological model for the holistic museological approach of material culture),


PYTHAGORAS II (the documentation of ethnographic and single-issue museums in Central Macedonia,Greece and their museological analysis)

• -Research for Education, (a research programme initiated by the Ministry of Education, concerning educational programmes in museums and archaeological sites).

Furthermore, our staff has been long involved in projects related to:

• the study of cultural artefacts (archaeological, artistic, historical, ethnographic, ecclesiastical)

• the architectural design of buildings for cultural purposes (museums, galleries, cultural centers, sculpture parks, concert halls, et al.)

• the presentation of archaeological sites, monuments and archaeological itineraries

• the museological design of exhibitions at museums and archaeological sites

• the design and realization of educational programmes in museums and archaeological sites, as well as

• the management of cultural institutions.

Our staff has trained young graduates of the Interuniversity Postgraduate Programme (IPP) “Museology” and doctoral candidates in museology, who act as operational backup for our Network.

As part of the academic research programmes and of their teaching activities for the IPP “Museology”, the members of the MEAAmuse team

• visit European museums and archaeological sites every year.

• have set up and maintain one of the richest databanks for museums and archaeological sites.

• possess a broad archive of documents, journals and books of new material on museums, exhibitions and the presentation of archaeological sites and tourist itineraries.

Besides, an experienced administrative staff, the MEAAmuse Network is equipped with latest electronic technology.