Our Postgraduate Program publishes books by scholars working for the Program, as well as selected papers from conferences and colloquia we organize. Our books are i
ncluded in bibliography lists of university courses across the country.

Museum and Modernity
This is a book in the form of an essay, which, in a systematic but readily intelligible manner and with reference to many prominent international examples, attempts [...]
Museum and Museums Exhibitions-Theory and Practice
Ηandbook of exhibition theory, programming/planning and design, which addresses both professionals’ need for a clear outline of phases and considerations in the [...]
Museums 06
Lectures on cultural studies and contemporary art This book is divided in two parts that consist of papers related to the issues of Cultural Studies, Museology and [...]
Μuseums 05
Scaltsa M., Yioka Ch., (eds.), Thessaloniki, Pbl. Entefktirio & IPP Museology, 2008
Μuseums 04
Symposium Museums 04, 3 days about museums 7 – 9 May 2004, Thessaloniki Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki Scaltsa M., Yioka Ch., (eds.), [...]
On Museology and Culture
Scaltsa M., Thessaloniki, Pbl. Entefktirio, 1999 Reprint 2015
Museology towards the 21st century; theory and practice
International Symposium Proceedings Thessaloniki, 21-24 November 1997 Scaltsa M., (ed.), Thessaloniki, Pbl. Entefktirio, 2001 Second edition , new introduction [...]
ARTS SPONSORSHIP-Museums Galleries Arts Organizations in the UK and Greece
The book in its firs part is concerned with the relevant terminology, trying to distinguish sponsorship from patronage and philanthropism. The second part examines [...]