Doctoral Studies

Research proposals for doctorate studies are submitted to the Committee for Postgraduate Studies of the Department of Architecture and are approved by the General Assembly of the Department. Topics vary from cultural studies to museology to heritage management and should be discussed with one of the Program’s professors. The Aristotle University’s Research Committee has established a study grant offered to successful applicants after their 3rd semester of study.

Paraskevi Nitsiou

Tracing Μuseological Theories and their Ideological Deployment on Museum Narratives in Greek contemporary museum practice: three illustrative case studies

Mrs. Nitsiou received her doctorate from MA Museology-Cultural Management of the School of Architecture on 11/7/2011.


Miguel Fernadez Belmonte

The work of the artist Dimitris Perdikidis (1922-1989) and its reception in Spain and Greece

Mr. Belmonte received his doctorate from the School of Architecture on 4/4/2016.

PhD Candidates

Irene Gerogianni

Performance Art in Greece from the Beginning of the 1970s

Iraklis Goudaras

Artist, audience and institutional perception and curation framework of ephemeral forms of artistic expression, produced by Greek artists inside and outside of Greece, from the late 60’s to the 90’s

Olga Souflia

The legal framework of Greek museums and their function within the contemporary socio-economic reality in Greece

Angeliki Tsiotinou

The exploitation of History and Memory in the representation of Diaspora and Immigration in museums for ideological purposes. A study of post-war Greece   

Sofia Tsirli

“City Museums”. Tracing their role in the representation of collective memory. A study of Thessaloniki

Ioannis Tzortzakakis

Travelling in Greece of the 18th century. Narratives of travel texts and monuments