1st semester

Module Ι: A101 Cultural Theories
Thematic Units: (indicatively)

Introduction to the history of the notion of culture/History in the Museum/Nationalism Ideology Identity/Art history and the Museum/Art and Politics/History of Archaeology in Greece/History of Ethnography/History, Memory, Trauma and Representation/Introduction to Social Anthropology/Tradition and Folk Studies in Greece/International Cultural Institutions and Cultural Politics

Module ΙΙ: A102 Issues of Museology 
Thematic Units: 

Basic Concepts in Museum Studies/Theory of Material Culture/History of Collecting/History of Museums and Collections in Europe/History of Museums in Greece/The politics of Archaeology/Curating, “Art” and “Culture”/Modern Art in the Museum/Exhibit, Memory and Interpretation/Cultural Management

Module ΙΙΙ: A103 Introduction to Cultural Management Studies

Thematic Units: (indicatively)

Museums and cultural management/Business Strategies for Cultural Enterprises/Ownership and intellectual property rights in Culture/Heritage: International and Local Legal Frameworks/Communication and Marketing/Market Research/Visitor Research/Outreach Programs/Funding, Donations, Sponsoriship/ Tourism/Information Technology in the Museum

The 1st semester awards30 ECTS

2nd semester

Module ΙV: B201 Applied Museology

Thematic Units: (indicatively)

Conceptual Organizing and Design of Exhibitions and Museums/Museums and the Public/Developing, managing and protecting collections/Describing and Interpreting Objects and Exhibitions/Writing targeted texts for exhibitions/Conventional and online platforms/Study Cases/Visits to Museums, Galleries, Archeological Sites and Monuments

Module V: B202 Architectural Planning and Design of Exhibitions, Museums, and the Presentation of Archaeological Sites, Monuments and Complexes

Thematic Units: (indicatively)

Introduction to Museum Architecture & Design/Architectural Interventions in Archaeological and Heritage Sites/Case Studies/Representation and Composition in Exhibition Design/Spatial Construction/Theatrical, Cinematic and Architectural Space Theory/Conservation, Storage, Temperature, Humidity  in Museums/Lighting/On Site Lessons/Museum Visits

Module VΙ: B203 Museum Education

Thematic Units: (indicatively)

Introduction to Museum Education Theory/Adult Learning and Continuing Education Approaches/Basic Museum Education Concepts/Communication & Narrative Praxis/Education Policy & Public Policy/Designing Educational Activities for Different Sections of the Public/Art & Museum Education/Public Science and Technology Education/The Museum Beyond the Building/Outreach Programs/Devising Education Kits/Evaluating Educational Activities/Experimental Programs/Visits to Museums

The 2nd semester awards 30 ECTS