The 15.000-30.000 words-long dissertations are researched and written either individually or as part of a team, however the contribution of each student is distinct. The theses can be of theoretical or design nature, in a hypothetical or real life situation. They are supervised by a three-member committee comprising by teaching staff. They are presented in public at the end of the 3rd Semester.

Dissertations 2014-2016: Presentation 2& 3/2 2016
AYMAN SAID ABDELMOHSEN (conservator) Access to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo: Cultural policy, challenges and Development proposals KLEOPATRA ALAGIALOGLOU [...]
Dissertations 2012-2014: Presentation October 21st & 23rd 2014
DIMAS P. (architect) Proposal for an educational approach of the cultural heritage of Pelion DOLIANITIS Μ. (architect) Architectural museological planning and design [...]
DIMITRIOU Ε. (fine arts) Eco-museology in N.E. Chalkidiki.  Social conflicts GALIKAS S. (architect) The Museum of Greek radio-Television (ERT). Conceptual and [...]
BELMONTE Μ. (art historian) Curating Art and Contemporary Museology: Museological and architectural planning and design of the permanent exhibition “74 Ε. [...]
BETSI Μ. (architect) Memory boxes: Narratives of outdoor sculpture in Thessaloniki DANIS Κ. (electrical engineer) Lighting Study for the Participatory Exhibit Room [...]
AGITZIDOU Ε. (historian-ethnologist) Folklife and Ethnological Museum of Macedonia and Thrace: Its education policy from its founding to the threshold of the 21st [...]
ADAMIDIS G. (archaeologist) The Activity of the Collectors Peggy and Solomon Guggenheim as an Expression of the American Cultural Policy AMOIRIDOU V. [...]