Internships in Museums

The internship embraces the participation of students in the museums’ and cultural organisations’ processes, such as:

  1. Cataloguing objects
  2. Participation in the registration of objects
  3. Writing exhibitions’ texts
  4. Editing exhibitions’ graphic design material
  5. Overseeing printing processes
  6. Collection of material for the creation of the electronic update of exhibitions
  7. Participation in the research for the organisation of exhibitions
  8. Museological and Architectural design of exhibitions
  9. Participation in the exhibitions’ promotion process
  10. Design and running of education programmes
  11. Participation in the management of cultural organisations
  12. Compilation of questionnaires and audience research
  13. Leading guided tours

The following museums and organisations have up to this day offered internships to the students of the MA ‘Museology- Cultural Management’:

Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki / Archives of the State Conservatory, Thessaloniki / Byzantine and Christian Museum, Athens / Museum of Byzantine Culture, Thessaloniki / Byzantine Museum of Veroia /Municipal Gallery of Thessaloniki / Research Programmes of the MA ‘Museology-Cultural Management’/ Folklife and Ethnological Museum of Macedonia-Thrace, Thessaloniki / Folklife Museum of Velvendo, Kozani / Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki / State Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki / Aiani Museum, Kozani / Sports Museum, Thessaloniki / Film Museum, Thessaloniki / Museum of Macedonian Struggle, Thessaloniki / Museum of Photography, Thessaloniki /  Gerovassiliou Wine Museum, Epanomi – Thessaloniki / Archaeological Museum of Volos/ Onassis Cultural CentreRailway Museum of Thessaloniki