Seminars & Design Workshops

The aim of the theory seminars are to familiarize students with conceptual problems they will face during the process of designing an exhibition or a museum, as well as ideological conflicts, stereotypes and social discourses they will have to take into account. During the seminars, the students listen to presentations by distinguished speakers and discuss with them, for two consecutive days, topics related to history, ideology, memory, trauma, representation, cultural theory and the production of meaning.

Design workshops simulate the working environment for curators and exhibition designers. Given a specific collection and a specific exhibition space, the task of the students is to produce the concept, the narrative and finally also the final design proposition for an exhibition.

Workshop on conceptual and architectural design, 10 & 11/6/2016


For this exercise, the students use the objects of the CORNER STORE collection (owned by the IPP in Museology-Cultural Management) and try to design an exhibition according to the philosophy of the program. Their aim is to present to the public the way in which museology constructs or challenges and reconsiders meaning. Each group chooses a series of objects belonging to the collection assigned to the group. Then it either creates a single exhibition narrative with the
help of additional objects, or produces more stories using the same objects.
Τhe CORNER STORE collection belongs to the store of Orestis Papamichos in Velvendo (Kozani area). The store was in business from the 1950s to 2005. In 2006 the IPP in Museology-Cultural Management bought the collection
for the educational needs of our program. It comprises ca 5,000 objects that have been classifies in larger categories such as Items of Clothing, Railings, Agricultural Tools, Building Materials, School Materials, Glassware, Textiles, Home Appliances, Toys, Paper ware, Shoes, Haberdashery, Medicinal and Chemical Materials.
The exact dating of the objects is not possible, yet they all derive from the period between WWII and the end of the 1980s. The objects have been arranged in categories, documented, conserved and stored
by postgraduate students during their annual exercise in 2007.


Workshop on conceptual and architectural design 5 & 6/5/2015

Professor Ian Brown, Chair of the dpt of Anthropology, University of Alabama, commented and evaluated our workshop on conceptual and architectural design.

Intensive Workshop in Museology 2014
Intensive workshop on exhibitional design 2012-2014