MA Museology-Cultural Management


What we do:

The Interuniversity Prostgraduate Program in Museology-Cultural Management aims at promoting museological research, conceptual planning of museums, exhibition and museum design, museum education, the presentation of archeological heritage sites, monuments and complexes, cultural management, cultural tourism on a graduate level. It is the first graduate program in Greece that trains its students for any executive position in the museum, to curate and organize exhibitions, to work in the presentation of archeological sites and monuments, to engage in cultural management and cultural tourism.

It is also unique among other graduate museum studies programs for the broadness of its focus. Its special character lies in its combination of advanced courses on reflexive theory and history with training in design (museological-conceptual design, exhibition-architectural design and heritage presentation planning) and in cultural management, as well as with hands-on experience during studies.

 How we do it:

1. We invite internationally acclaimed scholars for lectures and seminars. Academics and museum professionals who have visited us in the last years include Hans Belting, Federicco Bucci, David Carrier, T. J. Clark, Michelle Elligott, Chris Gair, Wolf-Dieter Heilmeyer, André Odier, Cleo Karagiorgi, Andonis Liakos, Donald Preziosi, Hans-Peter Söder, Goran Sonesson, Suzanna Milevska, BernardTschumi, Boris Wastiau, OttoKarl Werckmeister.

2. We train students with diverse backgrounds (in humanities, arts, engineering, management or education) in groups, so that historians, archaeologists and philosophers learn to work with architects, engineers, artists, computer scientists. Communication across disciplines and practices is extremely important for the program, and extends from lessons, design courses and seminars to educational activities, exercises and diploma essay topics.

3. During the course, the working conditions in a museum are simulated either in small projects where we deal with real problems in real spaces, or as part of larger undertakings in museums, archaeological spaces or monuments in town. Our diploma essays often address actual and topical subjects. Our students do their training at important cultural institutions in Greece and abroad (we have a steady cooperation for student training with the Louvre). Upon graduation, our students are fully prepared to start working.


Our program balances theory and practice with intensive training. Depending on the students’ indergraduate degree and possible work experience or other academic qualifications, it offers five basic specializations:

  • Architectural and Exhibition Design
  • Presentation of Archaeological Sites, Monuments and Monument Complexes
  • Curating
  • Museum Education
  • Cultural Management
  • Throughout the course we offer seminars and taught design workshops for further specialization in the fields of tourism and cultural heritage, our students can choose to participate at our Continuing Education programs